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County Executive Leopold Rolls Out New 65-Gallon Recycling Carts in Riviera Beach

Latest delivery today includes 1,700 containers with wheels and lids

Annapolis, MD (March 1, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that 1,700 brand new 65-gallon recycling containers with wheels and lids have been delivered to Riviera Beach.

"Our recycling program has been such a great success that our residents need bigger containers," County Executive Leopold said. "In just four years our residential recycling rate has increased from 32 percent to nearly 40 percent. We are hopeful that with this added convenience the recycling rate will continue to rise."

Almost 3,000 customers have been using the larger containers since September in the communities of Hammerlee Estates, Margate, Marley, Point Pleasant, Shannon Forest, Spencer Gardens, Suburbia, Sun Valley and Twin Cove.

More than 38 communities can expect deliveries in the month of March, including Admirals View, Annapolis Preserve, Cape St. John, Deale, Hillsmere Estates and Annapolis Roads.

"In all, we hope to have more than 12,000 new carts delivered to individual homes," County Executive Leopold said. "We will then start tracking the results to make a determination of whether to expand further."

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