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Temporary Lane Closure at MD100/MD607 Intersection

Annapolis, MD (February 24, 2011) - Contractors working on the MD100 and MD607 (Hog Neck Road) intersection improvement capital project will temporarily shut down a short section of a northbound lane along MD607 just north of MD100.  Approximately 150 feet between MD100 and the northbound ramp will be closed on Sunday, February 27, 2011 between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. 

As part of the intersection improvements, crews will be installing a storm drain across MD607 forcing the temporary lane closure.  Detours signs will be posted for vehicles on Magothy Bridge Road and for vehicles making a left turn from MD100 onto northbound MD607.  Advanced notice signs of the detour will be put into effect today. 

MD 100/MD 607 Intersection Improvements

  • Construction of a dedicated left turn lane from MD 100 onto northbound MD 607,
  • Adding a receiving lane for NB MD 607 for a length of 1100 feet
  • Replacing pavement on ramp from WB MD 100 onto NB MD 607.
  • Resurfacing pavement and improving shoulders t of SB MD 607 to MD 200 ramp.
  • Improvement of the traffic signal at the MD 100 / MD 607 intersection
  • Improvements to the stormwater drainage system associated with the roadway improvements

Construction is expected to be complete by May, 2011.


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