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County Executive John R. Leopold Responds to Gas Leak at Arundel Center

Building Has Been Declared Safe by Emergency Officials

Annapolis, Maryland (January 28, 2011) – County Executive John R. Leopold today reassured employees working in the Arundel Center that the building has been deemed safe by officials.

"I was on the scene to investigate whether or not the natural gas odor posed a danger to employees working in the building," County Executive Leopold said. "After speaking to hazmat officials and the fire department, I have been assured that the building is safe for employees to return to their offices."

At approximately 8:45 am this morning, the Arundel Center was evacuated due to a strong natural gas odor. Fire and hazmat officials responded to the scene and found that the odor was not dangerous; they said the gas leak may be related to a water main break that occurred earlier in the week which resulted in the Arundel Center closing at noon due to the lack of running water in the building. At this time, the Arundel Center is open and expected to remain open as officials work to identify and repair the leak outside the building.

"My number one concern is the safety of the employees working in the building," Mr. Leopold added. I will be in contact with the appropriate officials throughout the day to monitor the situation to ensure that no danger exists and that the men and women working in the Arundel Center are safe."


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