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County Executive Leopold Recognizes Hardware Stores for Removing Novelty Lighters

County Executive John R. Leopold presented citations to local True Value Hardware stores who have agreed to pull novelty cigarette lighters from their shelves. Working in conjunction with the Fire Department, all of the parties agreed that the lighters, which are made to look like toys, present a safety risk for children and also promote smoking to young people.

Hardware Photo

From left to right in the group picture:

Mike Stevens of Stevens Hardware in downtown Annapolis, Fire Chief J. Robert Ray, Jared Littmann of K&B True Value in Annapolis, Maryland State Fire Marshal Bill Barnard, Melissa Wade of Cape True Value in Cape St. Claire, County Executive Leopold, Deputy Fire Chief Reinhold Strobel, Battalion Chief Michael Cox, AAFD Education Specialist Sharon New and Division Chief Ross Dinkel.


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