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County Executive Leopold Reports Billing Insurers for Ambulance Rides has Raised $8.5 Million

Cost previously went uncollected

Annapolis, MD (January 13, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today reported that since becoming law in April 2009, the fee charged to insurance companies for ambulance transport has generated $8.5 million.

"Instead of relying on tax increases, this Administration has used creative methods to help balance the budget in difficult fiscal times by cutting spending and identifying new revenue sources," County Executive Leopold said. "I am pleased that our Fire Department has been able to execute this program without negatively impacting citizens’ access to emergency medical services. Insurance companies are now bearing their fair share of the cost of providing essential services previously borne solely by taxpayers."

The County Council approved legislation sponsored by the Administration in 2008 that became effective in 2009. It requires that insurance companies are billed $500 per ambulance transport. Deposits began in earnest in January 2010, and now average roughly $525,000 per month. County residents do not pay any portion of the fee not covered by insurance. Medicaid, Medicare, and most other private insurance policies already allowed for reimbursement for this service.

The County provides more than 40,000 transports annually at a cost of nearly $100 million, including personnel, training, equipment and apparatus.


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