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County Executive Leopold Announces New Initiatives Aimed at Increasing Recycling

Plan endorses Recycling Advisory Committee findings

Annapolis, MD (January 12, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that he is implementing many of the key findings of the Recycling Advisory Committee, including moving to once-a-week trash collection and easier-to-use collection carts.

"We are constantly striving to increase our recycling rate because it makes sense environmentally and financially," County Executive Leopold said. "Over the past four years, the residential recycling rate has increased from 31 percent to nearly 40 percent compared to our stated goal of 50 percent. I am confident that these recommended changes will help us achieve our goal."

The Administration has focused on promoting recycling by working with the public and listening to many suggestions from residents, resulting in less and less garbage left at the curb.

"Our studies show that recyclables, with revenue generating potential, continue to be thrown away in the trash unnecessarily," County Executive Leopold said. "That potential revenue gets buried forever when it reaches the landfill."

County Executive Leopold has committed to implementing the following recommendations:

  • Move to once-a-week trash pickup - Discourages customers from mixing recyclables with their trash and saves on contracting services for pickup. It will also cut down on neighborhood truck traffic and air emissions.
  • Encourage increased recycling in schools.
  • Provide citizens with new resources to increase recycling - A pilot program where 3,000 65-gallon carts with wheels were distributed to residents in targeted communities has been a big success, and is being expanded to other neighborhoods in the County.
  • Expand recycling to businesses - More than 160 businesses are currently participating in the Small Business Recycling Program.
RAC Final Report

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