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County Executive Leopold Announces Final Transfer of Crownsville Forest to Anne Arundel

Crownsville Hospital Forest will be protected from development

Annapolis, MD (January 7, 2011) - County Executive John R. Leopold joined state and County officials to officially transfer 546 acres of property in Crownsville to Anne Arundel County for permanent preservation.

"The future use of this property is now dedicated to passive recreation and environmental stewardship," County Executive Leopold said. "During my first term we moved to preserve 3,000 acres of land, and we hope to build on this record of land preservation as State Program Open Space funds become available."

The parcel west of Interstate 97 expands the County’s Bacon Ridge Natural Area in the South River Greenway to 970 acres. The County is nearing its goal of preserving over 1,100 contiguous acres within the South River Greenway. In September, County Executive Leopold signed into law legislation accepting the property.

As a condition of the transfer the State and County, in cooperation with Maryland Environmental Trust and Scenic Rivers Land Trust, entered into a Conservation Easement to preserve this scenic rural property and protects its natural forest and wetland habitats. The County established a Stewardship Committee assigned to provide guidance and recommendations for attaining the goals and objectives of the Conservation Easement.

The Bacon Ridge Natural Area, in the heart of Anne Arundel County, contains one of the largest tracts of unbroken forest in the County and provides critical habitat for forest birds and rare, threatened and endangered plants.

Dorsey Hile Jr. stamps documentation showing that there are no outstanding taxes or obligations on the property

Caption: Dorsey Hile Jr. (third from left) stamps documentation showing that there are no outstanding taxes or obligations on the property. Also pictured are Mettie Smith of the Office of Law, John Hutson of the Maryland Environmental Trust, County Executive John R. Leopold, Alyssa Domzal of the Scenic Rivers Land Trust and Kristen O. Maneval of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.


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