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New Changes to

Anne Arundel County Office of Information Technology has been working on making our website more user-friendly. The County is gradually putting into place a number of new features that we hope will help citizens navigate our site more easily. The biggest challenge was to help citizens navigate the over 9,000 pages in the fewest number of clicks. To help with this, we have introduced new navigation buttons on top and side menu bars on the County’s home page. You can now get to a number of County Departments and Agencies homepages with a single click, as well as a direct link to online County bill-paying. We have also included Google’s translator to translate our site to a number of different languages.

Other major enhancements are the upgrades to the My Anne Arundel and County’s RSS applications. Accessing My Anne Arundel directly with a navigation button located at the top of the home page is now possible and the General Info/Crime Stats themes have been separated on different pages to improve loading time. The County has also developed a Headline RSS News Feed for those who to keep updated with County press releases.

The changes are hoped to be completed by the New Year and we welcome comments and suggestions from our citizens.

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Thanks – Anne Arundel County OIT

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