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County Executive Leopold Appoints Robert Hubbard Director of Inspections and Permits

Former Director in Montgomery has more than 30 years of experience

Annapolis, MD (December 27, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that he has appointed Robert C. Hubbard as the new Director of Inspections of Permits.

"Robert Hubbard brings a wealth of experience and the management skills to revamp this department with a focus on creative solutions to budget challenges and improving customer service," County Executive Leopold said. "It was very important to me that we choose a candidate with the background necessary to get started right away. In my first term we were able to improve the permit process online and in my second term we will continue to improve efficiency."

Hubbard, 55, previously worked for the Department of Permitting Services for Montgomery County from 1977 to 2006. He started as an inspector and worked his way up to Director in 1996. He has a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park. One of his notable accomplishments in Montgomery County was to create an enterprise fund for permitting. An enterprise fund is a customer-based fund, whereby fees paid by the users of the fund support the full cost of the service provided and are not dependent upon tax revenue to balance revenue and expenses.

"My priority is to promote good character and high ethics in the department," Hubbard said. "The four components of the permitting process are application, review, inspection and sanctions against violators. I think if you can put those four components together efficiently, you can run an effective enforcement program. I am honored that County Executive Leopold selected me to lead this department."

The appointment is effective Jan. 17. Hubbard’s salary will be $135,000. He is also a member of Trout Unlimited and was a volunteer coordinator on a tree planting on Beaver Creek in Washington County.


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