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County Executive Leopold Encourages Citizens to Celebrate Freedom by Giving to 9-11 Memorial Fund

Steel Beams from World Trade Center will be Centerpiece

Annapolis, MD (July 4, 2010) — County Executive Leopold today encouraged citizens and businesses to help build a memorial dedicated to the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

"The terrorist attacks on our country were a wake up call to every American, and this memorial will be a constant reminder of our freedom, unity and vigilance," County Executive Leopold said. "In the true spirit of community, I am asking individuals and members of the business community to come forward and support this project.  People can donate their time, their money and their expertise to make this memorial something we can all be proud of. We must never forget."

The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County has established a nonprofit fund supported by people who want to pay tribute to our first responders and the innocent people who lost their lives. To make a contribution to the fund, call 410-222-7949, or go to Multi-level sponsorships are available with coinciding recognition opportunities.

In addition to financial support, the Arts Council is seeking volunteers to help construct the memorial, as well as a structural engineer, experts in steel erection, landscaping companies and concrete contractors.  In-kind contributions valued at $5,000 or above will be recognized as part of the memorial.  Volunteers who would like to help on construction days with planting, laying stone and installation are asked to contact the Volunteer Center by calling 410-897-9207 or visiting

911 Memorial

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