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County Executive Leopold Joins Vehicles for Change to Promote ‘Junkers for Jobs’

Donors can improve community, get a tax deduction

Annapolis (April 8, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today joined Vehicles for Change in kicking off “Junkers for Jobs,” a month-long promotion where residents who donate their junk vehicles can improve their neighborhoods, receive a tax deduction for the full market value of the vehicle and get deals from local businesses.

“Junk vehicles are a significant problem for keeping our neighborhoods beautiful and can be environmental hazards because of leaking oil and fluids,” County Executive Leopold said. “During this special promotion, we are encouraging all citizens who have eyesore vehicles to participate in this program. It means families will get the transportation they need to work, and our neighborhoods will benefit as well.”

In addition to refurbishing vehicles to sell to families, Vehicles for Change also sells poor quality cars for parts to help fund their mission. This helps to protect the environment by getting older cars with bad fuel economy off of the roads and removing inoperable vehicles that may be leaking fluids.

During this promotion, in addition to tax deductions, Anne Arundel County citizens who donate their vehicles will receive up to $75 worth of gift certificates from Precision Auto Care and Pizza Hut.

Vehicles for Change refurbishes vehicles and provides them to families so that they can keep or secure employment. They are the largest such program in the nation and have awarded more than 3,000 cars and changed some 9,000 lives in Maryland and Virginia since 1999.

To donate, call 410-242-9674 or visit

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