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Planning and Zoning Officer Larry Tom Corrects False Statements in Stop Slots Commercial

Annapolis, MD (October 20, 2010) - Department of Planning and Zoning Director Larry Tom today corrected false advertising in a new Stop Slots commercial.

"The Maryland Live facility is a completely stand-alone structure which is physically separated from the mall," Tom said. "To say that the Maryland Live facility is attached by virtue of this proposed pedestrian walkway would be like saying it is connected because two separate buildings share the same pavement, or the same air."

An October 16 article in the Maryland Gazette references a comment by Tom that the casino "will be connected by a pedestrian walkway. About 120 feet will separate the entrance to the food court and the casino’s rear entrance."

Stop Slots released a television commercial that says, "According to the Anne Arundel County Director of Planning and Zoning, the mall and casino will be connected."

"The Department of Planning and Zoning takes its professional responsibility to provide accurate information to the public very seriously," Tom said. "It is disappointing that our words would be twisted to mislead the public. Stop Slots advocates should withdraw this particular ad because it is so misleading."

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