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County Executive Leopold Encourages Greater Awareness of Skin Cancer from Tanning

Businesses are asked to provide better notification

Annapolis (March 15, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today signed an Executive Order with a detailed action plan to increase public awareness about the health risks associated with tanning beds and exposure to the sun.

"Awareness is crucial to saving lives when it comes to prevention of cancer and other diseases," County Executive Leopold said. "Our outreach strategy utilizes the County’s Web site, parks and pools and partners in the tanning salon community. Especially for our young people, we must do everything possible to make sure they know the risks of their actions. As a melanoma survivor, I wish I had had the information sooner."

The Action Plan includes the following:

  • Information posted on and
  • Letters are being mailed to tanning salons urging them to display brochures enclosed
  • Sun safety and skin cancer prevention signs and brochures will be posted at County parks, trails and pools
  • Recreation and Parks will include skin cancer prevention information in programs and events
  • Skin cancer prevention posters will be sent to public and private pools
  • Information will be provided to all licensed lifeguards
  • County school nurses will hold presentations and display literature in health rooms

View Executive Order #37


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