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County Executive Leopold Applauds County Council Support of STEM Initiative to Train Tech Workforce

Appropriation of $1.6 million to add three new research labs

Annapolis (January 20, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked the County Council for its unanimous approval of $1.6 million to expand the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program at Anne Arundel Community College.

"I am pleased that the County Council recognizes the value of this Administration’s priority initiative to strengthen the Anne Arundel Community College STEM program at the West County campus,” County Executive Leopold said.  “In order to compete in the regional and global economy, building a well-trained workforce is critical to supplying the market for sustainable energy, BRAC and Cyber Command jobs.”

At a recent meeting with top defense contractors, County Executive Leopold was advised that more than 1,700 jobs are currently available at these firms.  This appropriation will fund construction of three new labs and build upon the college’s articulation agreements with the faculty of other institutions of higher education.


County Executive Leopold to Sign Legislation that will add STEM labs at Anne Arundel Community College


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