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County Executive Leopold Announces Acquisition of 73 Acres in South River Greenway

Moving closer to goal of 1,100 contiguous acres

Annapolis (March 24, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that the County is moving closer to completing the 1,100 acre South River Greenway with the acquisition of 73 acres of forest and streams through the use of Maryland Program Open Space funds.

"This acquisition will provide additional access to the Bacon Ridge Natural Area," County Executive Leopold said. "This Administration’s conservation vision is to protect the headwaters of the South River and expand recreational opportunities for our citizens."

The 62-acre Dorothy Boehm property was approved by the State Board of Public Works on March 10. An additional 11 acres was approved at today’s Board meeting.

These additional acres expand the County’s Bacon Ridge Natural Area in the South River Greenway to 380 acres. With the pending settlement of another 46 acres and conveyance of the 546-acre Crownsville forest planned for 2010, the County is moving closer to achieving its goal of preserving over 1,100 contiguous acres within the South River Greenway.

"The Scenic Rivers Land Trust applauds County Executive Leopold for preserving additional parkland and protecting the South River," said Alyssa Domzal, Greenways Coordinator for the Scenic Rivers Land Trust. "This is a big win for the environment and secures land for the enjoyment of current and future generations."

The headwaters of the South River are in the heart of Anne Arundel County. The South River Greenway contains the largest tract of unbroken forest in the County, providing critical habitat for forest birds and rare, threatened and endangered plants. For additional information visit the Department of Recreation and Parks website.


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