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Department of Recreation and Parks Wins Three Statewide Awards

Annapolis, Maryland (April 26, 2010) - The Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks Department was presented with three prestigious awards at the Annual Maryland Recreation and Parks Association (MRPA) Conference in Ocean City, Maryland. MRPA’s members are comprised of parks and recreation professionals and volunteers throughout the state.

"I am extremely proud of the recognition bestowed on the staff at the Department of Recreation and Parks," said County Executive John Leopold. "I congratulate them on receiving these awards acknowledging their outstanding contributions to the field of park and resource conservation."

The "Creative Maintenance Award" recognized the interior construction of the Jonas Green Park Visitor Center completed by maintenance staff members Charles Roeder and Bob Short. Mr. Roeder and Mr. Short designed and completed a reception counter constructed in the shape of a skipjack which is the focal point of the facility. In-house design and construction saved the County the cost of hiring a contractor.

The "Service Award" recognized the collaborative efforts of the Department of Recreation and Parks and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Karyn Molines, Supervisor of Cultural Resources, and the Foundation worked together to create the living shoreline project at the Galesville Pier. The area now supports native plants as well as a canoe/kayak boat launch. Funding for this project came from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

The highest award the Park and Resource Conservation Branch of MRPA can give is the "Tree Hugger of the Year Award" which was presented to Bill Offutt, Park Superintendent at Kinder Farm Park. Mr. Offutt was recognized for his years of service to the organization.

For further information about the Department of Recreation and Parks call (410) 222-7317 or go to the Department of Recreation and Parks website at


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