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County Executive Leopold Announces State has Canceled Plans for Detention Facility in Pasadena

Letter from Department of Juvenile Services says "rescinding" plan

Annapolis (February 2, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold has received correspondence from the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services stating that it is no longer pursuing a plan to build a juvenile detention center in Pasadena.

"I am pleased the Department quickly recognized that building a detention facility would be inappropriate in Pasadena," County Executive Leopold said. "We have asked our elected officials in the Maryland General Assembly to support legislation that would require greater notification of local jurisdictions when such decisions about surplus property are made. This Administration also made clear that this is the wrong project in the wrong place."

On January 19, 2010, County Executive Leopold and local elected officials representing Pasadena wrote a letter to Governor O’Malley, Comptroller Franchot and Treasurer Kopp opposing the decision to transfer 8 acres of surplus State land at Maryland Routes 100 and 10.

A letter to the Department of Transportation dated January 26 from Donald W. Devore, Secretary of Juvenile Services, states that the Department is "rescinding its interest in the referenced property."

"This is the third time in the past year that the Administration has played a key role in protecting the interests of neighboring communities with regard to juvenile facilities," County Executive Leopold said. "We have worked with the District of Columbia to improve security and communication regarding New Beginnings Youth Center in Laurel, and also worked to resolve issues at Eastern Point Group Home in Heritage Harbor."


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