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County Executive Leopold Applauds Approval of Odenton Town Center Agreement

County Council unanimous approval marks major step forward

Annapolis, MD (August 17, 2010) - County Executive Leopold thanked the County Council today for its unanimous approval of a landmark agreement to move forward on Odenton Town Center.

"The development of Odenton Town Center, as called for in the county’s General Development Plan, has been a priority for this administration since I took office," County Executive Leopold said. "The lengthy planning and negotiations have paid off, resulting in a public and private partnership that will provide the needed infrastructure funding."

The Halle Companies has agreed to pay $15 million to build Town Center Boulevard, the linchpin to realizing the vision of Odenton Town Center. The agreements also provide for the construction of necessary sewer and water utility upgrades.

"These agreements represent a comprehensive consensus among developers, Anne Arundel County, and the community," County Executive Leopold said. "I thank the County Council for recognizing that these agreements have a positive county-wide significance and are important to our constituents. I want to also recognize the long-term efforts of the many community and business groups, including the West County Chamber of Commerce, Odenton Now Coalition, and the Odenton Steering Committee. Finally, I thank the departments of Planning and Zoning, Public Works, Permits and Inspections, Budget and Finance, Economic Development, and the County Law Office for their efforts in forging these agreements. Together, these groups have brought about a successful plan with a road map for implementation."


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