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County Executive Leopold Announces the Launch of a New and Improved "MyAnneArundel"

Tool will help you find the information you need in 10 seconds or less

Annapolis (May 12, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today unveiled a new and improved "MyAnneArundel" that allows visitors to find the information they need about County services quicker than ever before.

"Most people visiting our Web site have a particular question in mind, such as where to get a recycling bin, or how to get a pothole fixed," County Executive Leopold said. "Now you can find that information even faster than before. This new application is full of useful information, maps and interactive features."

To access MyAnneArundel, go to and click on the banner. On the search page you can type in your address or enter a keyword. Once the address is keyed in, an aerial image appears with your street. You can then click on "Select a Service Category" and view information about your trash pickup days, the nearest facilities such as schools, police and fire, farmer’s markets and senior centers. The site will even give you driving directions to the nearest County facility. Clicking on the printer icon will show you a full report for your address.

The other option is to type in a key word, such as "recycling" or "snow removal" and go directly to the service you are looking for information about.


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