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Anne Arundel County Promotes EPA's "Fix a Leak Week" March 15-21, 2010

Annapolis (March 12, 2010) - Because minor water leaks account for more than 1 trillion gallons of water wasted each year in U.S. homes, Anne Arundel County is promoting "Fix a Leak Week," March 15-21, 2010.  Fix a Leak Week is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) WaterSense program as an annual reminder to Americans to check household plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks.

Anne Arundel County's Department of Public Works has an information display stationed in the lobby of the DPW offices on Riva Road in Annapolis.  DPW will also promote this event on the County's Public, Education and Government Channel 98 and add the EPA's "Fix a Leak Week" webpage link to the County's DPW homepage. 

To help consumers here in Anne Arundel County save water, DPW and WaterSense are promoting ways to identify and repair dripping faucets, running toilets and leaky showerheads.  In most cases, fixture replacement parts pay for themselves quickly and can be installed by do-it-yourselfers, your favorite handy person, plumber or WaterSense irrigation partner.  The following are a few water-saving tips:

  • Reduce faucet leaks by checking faucet washers and gaskets for wear and, if necessary, replace the faucet with a WaterSense labeled model.
  • Leaky toilets are most often the result of a worn toilet flapper.  Replacing the rubber flapper is a quick fix that could save a home with a constantly running toilet up to 200 gallons of water per day.
  • For a leaky garden hose, replace the nylon or rubber hose washer and ensure a tight connection to the spigot using pipe tape and a wrench.
  • Landscape irrigation systems should be checked each spring before use to make sure they are not damaged by frost or freezing.

If homeowners have to replace a plumbing fixture, Anne Arundel County reminds you to look for the WaterSense label.  WaterSense labeled toilets, faucets and (soon) showerheads have been independently tested and certified to save water and perform as well as or better than standard models.  WaterSense also partners with certified landscape irrigation auditors, designers, installers and maintenance professionals.  Visit to find a WaterSense labeled product, or an irrigation partner in your area.


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