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County Executive Leopold to Receive Leadership Award from Kennel Club of Anne Arundel

Group recognizes efforts in Bear Bear case

Annapolis, MD (September 23, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold is being recognized by the Kennel Club of Anne Arundel for his efforts to bring charges in the case of Bear Bear, the Siberian Husky shot at a local dog park.

"It is an honor to be recognized for my advocacy on behalf of pets and animals," County Executive Leopold said.  "As an owner of a cat and dog, I understand that we need to protect those who do not have a voice.  For most people, their pets are like a member of the family.  We have a responsibility to hold people accountable who abuse or neglect animals."

The Kennel Club will present a Certificate of Appreciation to County Executive Leopold at its annual dog show match this weekend.  The 55-member group is made up of dog owners who enjoy showcasing their pets and also advocating on behalf of responsible pet ownership.

The match will be held Sunday, September 26 at 470 Ski Lane in Millersville. Admission is free.  For more information, visit and click on homepage.

County Executive Leopold was unsatisfied when no charges where initially filed after Bear Bear was shot and killed at a private dog park, and demanded further investigation that resulted in charges being brought against the man who fired his weapon.  In addition to actions taken in the Bear Bear case, the Administration has also done the following with regard to protecting animals:

Responded aggressively to citizen complaints about dogfighting, leading to arrests in Lothian and Severn

Formed the Animal Welfare Council to advise the County on outreach and policy regarding animal cruelty and neglect

Vigorously pursued complaints about hoarders, including a high-profile case in Orchard Beach.

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