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12/20/2010County Executive John R. Leopold Congratulates Employee on Being Named Building Inspector of the Year
12/16/2010County Executive Leopold Urges Caution from Motorists on First Snowfall of the Year
12/16/2010County Executive Leopold Thanks Board of Public Works for Approval of Crownsville Property
12/08/2010County Executive Leopold Responds to Food Bank Thefts with Donation of Computers
12/03/2010County Executive Leopold Announces Renegotiation of Prescription Drug Plan Contract to Save $2.5 Million
11/30/2010County Executive Leopold Appoints Bob Loomis as Interim Director of Inspections and Permits
11/23/2010Selection of Members of Anne Arundel County Board of Appeals
11/19/2010County Executive John R. Leopold Proclaims March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
11/08/2010County Executive Leopold is Prepared to Protect Laurel Park Special Fund
11/01/2010County Executive Leopold Shows Commuters New Shuttle

County Executive Leopold Issues Statement on Sentencing of Employer for Immigration Violations


County Executive Leopold Announces Final Phase of Work has Begun Restoring Mill Creek


Planning and Zoning Officer Larry Tom Corrects False Statements in Stop Slots Commercial

10/14/2010County Executive Leopold Works with Local Contractor to Resolve Immigration Issues
10/05/2010County Executive Leopold Issues Statement on County Council Veto Override
10/05/2010County Executive Leopold Applauds Approval of Funding for New Cyber Labs

National Weather Service Confirms Tornado Strike in Lake Shore

09/30/2010County Executive Leopold Urges Caution with Tornado Watch in Effect
09/30/2010County Executive Leopold Urges Caution as Forecast Calls for Possible Flooding

County Executive Leopold Announces Kinship Caregivers Resource Day

09/24/2010County Executive Leopold Vetoes Zoning Amendment Opposed by Citizen and Environmental Groups
09/24/2010County Executive Leopold Signs Legislation to Secure 547 Acres of Crownsville Hospital Property
09/23/2010County Executive Leopold to Receive Leadership Award from Kennel Club of Anne Arundel
09/20/2010County Executive Leopold Announces $12 Million Grant will Expand Broadband in County
09/17/2010Overweight Transport Permitted On County Roads Next Week in Severn
09/16/2010County Executive Leopold Reduces Change Orders by $11 million and Improves Efficiency
09/13/2010County Executive Leopold Challenges High School Students to Design Green Energy Project

County Executive Leopold Announces Rebate of $200,000 for Credit Card Purchases


County Executive Leopold Advises Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Earl


County Executive Leopold Makes Official Appointment of Anthony to Recreation and Parks


County Executive Leopold Urges U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Regulate Fly Ash Disposal


County Executive Leopold Announces Groundbreaking and Dedication of 9/11 Memorial


County Executive Leopold Provides Early Payments to City of Annapolis for Budget Relief


County Executive Leopold Congratulates School Resource Officers as Students Head Back to School


County Executive Leopold Invites Citizens to Attend Quiet Waters Park 20th Birthday Celebration

08/19/2010County Executive Leopold Urges Residents to Heed Flood Safety Precautions

County Executive Leopold Issues Statement on Charges Brought in Dog Shooting

08/17/2010County Executive Leopold Applauds Approval of Odenton Town Center Agreement
08/16/2010County Executive Leopold Congratulates Firefighters on Receiving National Awards
08/04/2010Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold asks County Police Department to thoroughly investigate the shooting of a dog at Quail Run dog park
08/02/2010Force Main Break Causes Overflow In Arnold
07/29/2010County Executive Leopold Thanks Board of Public Works for Approval of Open Space Projects
07/26/2010County Executive Leopold Seeks Volunteers for Commission on Disabilities Issues
07/14/2010County Executive Leopold Announces Grand Opening of Athletic Facility for People With Disabilities

County Executive Leopold Announces Agreement of Developer to Build Town Center Boulevard in Odenton

07/06/2010County Executive Leopold Activates Cooling Centers

County Executive Leopold Encourages Citizens to Celebrate Freedom by Giving to 9-11 Memorial Fund

06/30/2010County Executive Leopold Announces $4.9 Million Grant for Cyber Jobs
06/28/2010County Executive Leopold Announces Initiative to Plant More Than 12,000 Trees in South County
06/25/2010Curbside Collection in Extreme Heat
06/22/2010County Executive Leopold Urges State to Reject Move of Housing Department to Prince George’s County
06/21/2010Marley/Jumpers Sewer Infrastructure Improvement Project Set to Begin in Pasadena

Water Main Repairs in Glen Burnie

05/25/2010County Executive Leopold Applauds Unanimous Approval of FY2011 Operating and Capital Budget
05/20/2010County Executive Leopold and Governor Ehrlich Call for Transfer of Crownsville Hospital to County

Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold Announces Brooklyn Park Revitalization Effort


Hanover Road to be Closed For Scheduled Repairs

05/18/2010County Executive Leopold Invites the Public to Attend Annual Housing Expo in Glen Burnie

Rutland Road-Update


County Executive Leopold Announces the Launch of a New and Improved "MyAnneArundel"

05/11/2010County Executive Leopold Announces Retirement of Recreation and Parks Director Frank Marzucco
05/07/2010County Executive Leopold Announces Construction of Major Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades
05/05/2010County Executive John R. Leopold Asks Governor Martin O'Malley to Halt Fly Ash Permit Pending Environmental Protection Agency and State Regulatory Action
05/03/2010County Executive Leopold Presents FY2011 Operating and Capital Budget that Reduces Spending

County Executive Credits Citizen and Police Partnership for Fighting Drugs and Gangs


Department of Recreation and Parks Wins Three Statewide Awards


County Executive Teams up with Commission for Women to Fight Heart Disease


County Executive Leopold Announces New Solar Energy Project for Millersville Facility


County Executive Leopold Invites Citizens to Attend 20th Annual Earth Day at Quiet Waters Park


County Executive John R. Leopold Facilitates Agreement to Keep Historic Car Show at Downs Park


County Executive Leopold Hopes Completed Dredging Projects Will Spur Increased Boat Sales


County Executive Leopold Announces Favorable Interest Rates Secured on Bond Sale


County Executive Leopold Joins Vehicles for Change to Promote ‘Junkers for Jobs’

04/01/2010County Executive Leopold Issues Statement on Board of Elections Certification
04/01/2010County Executive Leopold Commends Police on Three Years of Overall Crime Reduction

Household Hazardous Waste Schedule for 2010

03/31/2010County Executive Leopold Saves $1 Million More than Projected by Joining Electricity Cooperative

Dorsey Road Water Transmission Main Extension Phase III Begins Next Week


County Executive Announces Ground Breaking at Lake Waterford Park Adaptive Recreation Athletic Complex


Riva Road Farmers' Market to Open


Anne Arundel County and Civic Organizations Sponsor "Bands2Benefit: HAITI" Community Concert & Fundraiser


Rutland Road Closed for Emergency Repairs


County Executive Leopold Announces Acquisition of 73 Acres in South River Greenway


County Executive Leopold Announces Third Homeless Resource Day will be in Glen Burnie


County Executive Leopold Joins Mayor Cohen in Environmental Stewardship Program for Restaurants


County Executive Leopold Announces Retention of AAA Bond Rating from Standard and Poor’s


County Executive Leopold Cites Property Owners for 20 Violations Following Immigration Raids


County Executive Leopold Encourages Greater Awareness of Skin Cancer from Tanning


Anne Arundel County Promotes EPA's "Fix a Leak Week" March 15-21, 2010

03/12/2010County Executive Leopold Urges Residents to Observe Storm Safety with Flooding Possible
03/11/2010County Executive Leopold Issues Statement on Immigration and Customs Operation
03/05/2010County Executive Leopold Commends Animal Control Officers and Citizen Tipster for Thwarting Dog Fighting
03/05/2010Forest Drive Lane Widening Set to Begin
02/25/2010County Executive Leopold Invites Public to Attend Sports Heroes Hall of Fame Reception  

County Executive Leopold Encourages Residents to Support the Homeless by Going to the Movies


County Executive Leopold Mobilizes Police to Aid Students Going to School

02/08/2010Wastewater Overflow At Severn Run Pumping Station

County Executive Leopold Announces State has Canceled Plans for Detention Facility in Pasadena


County Executive Leopold Releases State Legislative Agenda that Focuses on Budget Priorities


Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Committee Formed to Oversee Bacon Ridge Natural Area

01/20/2010County Executive Leopold Condemns Dog Fighting and Urges Citizens to Come Forward

County Executive Leopold Applauds County Council Support of STEM Initiative to Train Tech Workforce


County Executive Leopold Congratulates Severna Park and Pasadena for Reaching 50/50 Recycling Goal

11/25/2009Office of Planning and Zoning to Begin Accepting Comprehensive Zoning Applications

County Executive John Leopold Salutes the Contributions of Local Scouts


County Executive John Leopold Announces Contest for Pet Owners "Do You Look Like Your Pet?"

01/11/2010County Executive John Leopold Asks the Maryland Transit Administration to Consider Added Express Rail Service

County Executive Leopold Announces Pothole Repair Hotline Report it...And we will repair it!


County Executive Leopold Applauds Board of Public Works Grant Approval


County Executive Leopold Announces Application Period is Open for Community Grants

01/05/2009County Executive Leopold Seeks First-hand MARC Commuter Input

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