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County Executive Leopold Cites Property Owners for 20 Violations Following Immigration Raids

Failure to resolve could mean $500 per day in fines

Annapolis (March 18, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that the Health Department and the Department of Inspections and Permits will be taking action against property owners for 20 violations ranging from unsafe structures to junk and debris discovered as a result of illegal immigration raids on three properties last week.

"Employers must be held accountable for violating federal immigration laws as well as the negative impact they have on the community for forcing their workers to live in deplorable conditions," County Executive Leopold said. "Our local law enforcement and County agencies play an important role in making sure that these actions are not tolerated. The day of the raids I was on site directing full inspections of the buildings."

On March 11, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents with support from 18 County police officers served warrants on Timbuktu Restaurant in Hanover and residences connected to the business. Twenty-nine people were taken into custody for immigration violations.

Each violation of the County Construction Code carries a possible fine of $500. Violations of the Property Maintenance Code and Zoning Code carry a possible fine of $125 per day. These violations can be enforced through injunctive proceedings or the issuance of civil citations. If the zoning violations are not corrected and injunctive proceedings are initiated, the owner can be fined up to $500 per day.

The following violations were identified:

  • 1738 Dorsey Road - untagged vehicle, junk and debris, illegal dwelling with no windows, sewage overflow, large amounts of garbage, garage used as a dwelling, rodent infestation.1754 Dorsey Road - untagged vehicle, junk and debris, large amounts of garbage, two sheds in disrepair, rodent infestation
  • 1704 Dorsey Road - junk and debris, unsafe structure
  • (parcel 202) Dorsey Road - junk and debris
  • 1726 Dorsey Road - untagged vehicle, junk and debris, illegal deck, unsafe structure with fire damage

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