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County Executive Leopold Urges U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Regulate Fly Ash Disposal

Proposed Baltimore site poses health dangers

Annapolis (August 30, 2010) - County Executive Leopold today urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt strict regulations on the disposal of fly ash.

"Fly ash disposal can be potentially deadly for citizens who live near a dump site," County Executive Leopold said. "We already have evidence of groundwater contamination in West County, and everyone has seen the devastating effects in Tennessee of the spill containing high levels of lead and thallium. The government has a responsibility to protect public health by closely regulating fly ash."

For the past three years, County Executive Leopold has secured a ban on fly ash disposal in the County through the County Council. In his testimony before the EPA, he called for new regulations and requiring the use of safety and health devices at fly ash disposal sites. "Without consistent national regulatory requirements for the management and disposal of coal ash and coal combustion residuals, serious and adverse impacts to the public health, the environment, and our limited water resources will continue to occur," Mr. Leopold wrote in prepared testimony.

Citizens in North County have joined County Executive Leopold in fighting a proposed dump site at the boundary of Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City. They continue to urge the governor to block approval of a permit for Baltimore Gas & Electric to use the site.


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