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County Executive Leopold Saves $1 Million More than Projected by Joining Electricity Cooperative

County will receive dividend next year for electricity

Annapolis (March 31, 2010) — County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that conservative budgeting, combined with cutting energy consumption, is projected to save taxpayers an additional $939,263 next year.

“Joining an electricity cooperative with eight other jurisdictions has netted substantial savings over the past three years, and our efforts to decrease energy usage have increased those savings,” County Executive Leopold said.  “This initiative has saved taxpayer dollars and also benefits the environment.”

Anne Arundel County and Anne Arundel Community College belong to the Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee, which pools resources to obtain cheaper rates in partnership with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council.  The County purchases 80 percent of its electricity through the cooperative and 20 percent on the spot market to create a diverse portfolio.  In Fiscal Year 2011, the cooperative will issue the distribution on top of the estimated $2 million saved by not purchasing all electricity on the spot market.


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