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County Executive Leopold Advises Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Earl

High winds and flooding possible

Annapolis (September 2, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold is urging residents of Anne Arundel County to prepare now and exercise extreme caution over the next several days with the potential for severe weather to affect the County.

"Now is the time for residents to make appropriate plans to ensure their safety and assemble emergency supplies." County Executive Leopold said. "The Office of Emergency Management is working with the National Weather Service to monitor the track of the storm and will take the appropriate steps to respond as needed."

Earl is still projected to turn to the Northeast and stay off the coast of Maryland. Timing is still between 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. Earl is currently a Category 4 storm, but is expected to weaken to Category 3 by Friday.

Tropical storm force winds could extend out 230 miles from the center of the storm, with lesser winds farther out. Anne Arundel County could possibly see 20-25 mph winds and tides of 1-3 feet above norm at high tides. High tides for Annapolis are scheduled between 1-2 a.m. and again at 12-1 p.m. on Friday.

The Office of Emergency Management will be monitoring the storm overnight and will staff the Emergency Operations Center on Friday, beginning at 6:30 a.m. until the storm has passed.

It is recommended that citizens should assemble disaster supply kits to include at a minimum the following items: One gallon of water per person to last at least three days, non-perishable food supply for at least three days, battery or crank powered weather radio and extra batteries, flashlight, first aid kit, and required prescription medication. Disaster supplies should also include special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members and pets.

In the event of power outages use extreme caution when operating generators. Follow manufacturer’s operating instructions and always keep generators outside in well-ventilated areas away from open windows.

Flooding can occur within a few minutes or after hours of excessive rainfall. Never drive through standing water and always obey road closures. Take appropriate precautions to secure your home in the event it is prone to flooding.

Citizens should monitor the local weather channel for advisories and updates on the storm. Additional information is available at or calling the Office of Emergency Management at 410-222-0600.


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