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Dorsey Road Water Transmission Main Extension Phase III Begins Next Week

Hiker-Biker Trail Will be Re-routed but Remain Open At All Times

Annapolis (March 31, 2010) - Phase III of the Dorsey Road Water Main Extension project is expected to begin April 5, 2010. 

The project consists of burying approximately 6,000 linear feet (LF) of above ground 16-inch PVC water main along the shoulder of Dorsey Road.  The extension starts near the Old Telegraph Road and Dorsey Road intersection and extends along the shoulder of Dorsey Road to approximately 2,000 feet west of the Wirth Road and Dorsey Road intersection.

The hiker/biker trail near this project will be kept open at all times; however, sections of the trail will be re-routed during construction. 

Work on this project will take place from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Night work may occur on occasion to minimize impact to motorist and area residents.  Minimal traffic disruptions are expected. 

Completion is expected in July of 2010. 


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