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County Executive Leopold Commends Animal Control Officers and Citizen Tipster for Thwarting Dog Fighting

Annapolis, Maryland (March 5, 2010) - - County Executive John R. Leopold today commended Animal Control Officers for responding to an anonymous phone call reporting plans for a dog fight in the 8000 block of Pioneer Drive in Severn.

"Preventing animal cruelty and violence toward them is one of my top priorities. This administration established the Animal Welfare Council in an effort to educate the public about animal abuse and neglect," said Mr. Leopold.

Based on the anonymous tip, officers from Animal Control, joined by officers from the Western Police District set up surveillance at the reported location and witnessed two juvenile males participating in activities consistent with inciting a dog fight. The officers intervened before a fight could ensue.

Through investigation, it was determined that a 14-year-old male from Severn and a 15-year-old male from Severn were involved in handling the dogs and each juvenile was charged with a public safety violation for encouraging dog fighting and released to their respective parents. The dogs were checked at the scene by an Animal Control Officer and it was concluded that they were both in very good condition with no signs of prior fighting or scaring.

In January 2010, County police arrested four men in Lothian and charged them with animal cruelty, dog fighting, mutilating animals, dog fighting spectator, trespassing and counterfeiting, after receiving a disorderly conduct call.

"Our officers learned of these two heinous animal violence crimes thanks to the eyes and ears of our citizens," added County Executive Leopold. "I congratulate the citizen who tipped Animal Control Officers of this horrible act before it took place and urge all citizens to continue to be vigilant and report suspected animal abuse, neglect or violence immediately."


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