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County Executive Leopold and Governor Ehrlich Call for Transfer of Crownsville Hospital to County

Property has been in limbo with no action from the State

Annapolis (May 21, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold and Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. today were joined by nonprofit leaders urging the State of Maryland to transfer Crownsville Hospital to Anne Arundel County after years of delay.

"This historic property has been dormant for too long," County Executive Leopold said. "We have appealed to Governor O'Malley asking him to move forward and declare Crownsville Hospital surplus so it can be used to provide important services to the community. Our requests have been met with silence and indecision."

The hospital was closed by the State in 2004. Several organizations, including the Anne Arundel County Food Bank and Chrysalis House, still operate at the site. When County Executive Leopold took office in 2006, he met personally with Governor O'Malley and stressed the importance of transferring the property to the County to ensure it would not be taken over by a developer.

"The County needs to control the destiny of Crownsville Hospital to protect the non-profits that depend on it," County Executive Leopold said. "The State has said this process could take another three years. That is too long for the community to wait in limbo."


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