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County Executive Leopold Commends Police on Three Years of Overall Crime Reduction

Latest figures show 7 percent decrease in 2009

Annapolis (March 31, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today commended the Anne Arundel County Police Department for its hard work to reduce crime over three years, as evidenced by recent statistics.

"Crime is down in our County despite the difficult economy, and we have our police officers and our citizens to thank for that," County Executive Leopold said. "In this difficult budget climate, Chief Teare has implemented a plan that engages the community and maximizes resources through targeted deployment. Over the past three years, we have improved community relations and expanded outreach, reorganized the department and promoted from within our best and brightest."

According to data released by the department, overall crime decreased by 7 percent in 2009. The department solved 10 of 11 homicide cases. Part I crimes decreased by 8 percent, including rapes by 14 percent, burglaries by 8 percent and robberies by 2 percent. Car theft dropped by 25 percent and arson dropped by 20 percent.

County Executive Leopold has made public safety a top priority of his Administration, and has provided assistance legislatively as well as operationally. In 2009 the County Council passed legislation sponsored by County Executive Leopold to address false alarms from private alarm systems to reduce the burden on manpower from unnecessary responses. The legislation was requested by the department for many years to no avail.

The County Executive also secured County Council budgetary support to expand the School Resource Officer Program, coordinated major outreach campaigns, including the town hall meeting and comprehensive response to the tragic death of 14-year-old Christopher Jones in Crofton, and installed more than 1,000 streetlights to deter crime in neighborhoods.


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