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County Executive John R. Leopold Facilitates Agreement to Keep Historic Car Show at Downs Park

Annapolis, Maryland (April 16, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that the Bay County Vintage Chevrolet Car Club will continue to be welcome at Downs Park.

"I am pleased that the Department of Recreation and Parks and the Bay County Car Club will work together to continue this 26 year tradition at Downs Park," said Mr. Leopold. "The Bay County Car Club has enjoyed the picturesque setting of Downs Park for many years. Their shows may also be enjoyed by park goers."

Earlier this year, the Department of Recreation and Parks had thought they might have to cancel the semi-annual car show. Show organizers contacted County Executive John Leopold who was able to facilitate agreement among the parties to allow the show to continue in the park. The Bay County Vintage Chevrolet Club holds a spring and fall car show. The spring show will be held at Downs Park on May 9, 2010.  For more information about the car club or show contact Harry Koerner at (443) 850-6017.


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