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County Executive Leopold Applauds Board of Public Works Grant Approval

Bay Restoration Funds for Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility Upgrades Will Improve Health of Chesapeake Bay

Annapolis (January 7, 2010) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced the State of Maryland Board of Public Works yesterday approved two more Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Grants for the $158 million upgrade project at the Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility.  The $1.5 million and $8.5 million grants for construction of Phase I will greatly improve pollutant removal at the facility.

"This is great news for Anne Arundel County and the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries," said Mr. Leopold.  "The upgrades will significantly reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous discharges that reach our waterways.  It is estimated that we will reduce nitrogen by 50% and phosphorous by 80%.  These two nutrients represent major impediments to the Bay's recovery."

The grants are part of the Bay Restoration Fund.  Anne Arundel County is eligible for up to 89.5% of the total $158,058,000 cost of the ENR upgrades at the Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility.  DPW engineers will continue to submit expenses within eligible categories to MDE for grant reimbursement.  If approved by MDE, it goes before BPW for final vote. 

If DPW receives grant reimbursement for every eligible submitted expense, the total cost for Anne Arundel County would be $16 million.  Phase I construction is expected to begin by April of this year and be completed by March 2012.  Phase II construction will begin in April 2012 and expected to be complete by October 2015.

Anne Arundel County has also partnered with the neighboring Brandon Shores Power Plant for the reuse of water treated at the Cox Creek facility.  The agreement will provide make-up water in the gas scrubbing process and further reduce nitrogen/phosphorous discharge to the bay.

"We have agreed to send treated effluent to the power plant as part of their water needs to operate their recently completed gas scrubber project," Mr. Leopold noted.  "I am very pleased that through these two initiatives, ENR upgrades and beneficial reuse of treated effluent, the Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility is contributing to significantly improved water and air quality."


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