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County Executive Leopold Announces Groundbreaking and Dedication of 9/11 Memorial

First phase will be completed by volunteer businesses

Annapolis (August 24, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that construction has begun on the Anne Arundel County 9/11 Memorial in Millersville.

"This project has generated a huge outpouring of support from the community to honor our first responders and those who perished in the terrorist attacks on our Country," County Executive Leopold said. "This memorial is sure to be something we can all be proud of."

Contractors began construction yesterday on the first phase of the project, which involves fastening two large steel beams from the World Trade Center to a concrete base in a "V" shape. The memorial will also feature a water mist made to resemble smoke at Ground Zero and lighting to highlight the beams. The memorial will be surrounded by 13 planted trees.

A special dedication ceremony will be held on September 11, 2010 at 10 a.m. to remember the victims of the attacks. The memorial is located at Police and Fire Headquarters, at 8495 Veterans Highway in Millersville.

The 9/11 Memorial Fund has raised more than $14,000 so far, and all work has been donated by local businesses. The Fund will be used for features in the second phase of the project, including benches and plaques, as well as maintenance of the memorial. To make a donation, call 410-222-7949.

Local companies participating in the project include:

  • LR Willson & Sons
  • Chaney Enterprises
  • Walnut Hill Landscape
  • Atlantic Lighting and Irrigation
  • Hopkins & Wayson
  • Skarda & Associates
  • Gardiner & Gardiner
  • BuilderGuru Contracting Inc.
  • Colonial Electric
  • Creco Concrete Contractors
  • Reliable Contracting
Groundbreaking Photo: Police Chief Teare, Fire Chief Ray, County Executive Leopold, Chairman Ebersberger, Arts Council Exec Nyman

Eds: Attached is the groundbreaking photo, from left to right: Police Chief James Teare, Fire Chief John Robert Ray, County Executive John R. Leopold, 9-11 Memorial Capital Campaign Chairman Art Ebersberger, Arts Council Executive Director April Nyman.


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