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County Executive Leopold is Prepared to
Protect Laurel Park Special Fund

Letter to Comptroller Seeks Confirmation of Continued Collection

Annapolis (November 8, 2010) – Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold has written a letter to Comptroller of Maryland Peter Franchot to confirm that a special fund paid to the County during Laurel Park racing events will continue if the Maryland Racing Commission decides to cease live racing at Laurel Park. The fund helps pay for facilities and services in the communities surrounding the Race Course.

Section 11-404(d)(2)(i) of the Business Regulation Article directs the Comptroller to pay “for each day of live racing or each day of intertrack betting without live racing held, up to maximum payment for 140 days, $2,000 to Anne Arundel County.” The Agreement also states that $1,000 is to be paid to Anne Arundel County for each additional day of intertrack betting without live racing.

“It is extremely important that these fees set forth in the Business Regulation Article are collected and remitted to Anne Arundel County,” said County Executive Leopold. “My letter to Mr. Franchot seeks to confirm this agreement and ensure our citizens living in the Laurel area that these funds will be paid to the County and be put to good use.”

Mr. Leopold added, “in the event that there are any questions about these continued payments, I will work to have legislation introduced to confirm these funds.”

The money from this fund is paid in half-yearly installments and is used for projects or improvements for communities within three miles of Laurel Race Course.


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