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County Executive Leopold Shows Commuters New Shuttle

Route will provide connection to MARC and Ft. Meade

Annapolis (November 1, 2010) - County Executive John R. Leopold today greeted commuters at the Odenton MARC station to unveil ultra-low sulfur diesel-powered buses slated to shuttle BRAC workers from Seven Oaks, Piney Orchard and other communities to work.

"These buses will help improve access for West County residents who are traveling to work at Fort Meade, and provide an easy connection to commuter trains going to Baltimore and Washington, D.C.," County Executive Leopold said. "We are conducting surveys of potential riders and working with the military to maximize this opportunity."

The first bus was delivered this week, thanks to $386,000 in federal aid that includes the purchase of radios, GPS devices, fare boxes, wheelchair accessibility and bike racks. The County assumes operating costs. The buses are slated to operate on peak hours Monday through Friday.

New Commuter Shuttle

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