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County Executive Leopold Thanks Board of Public Works for Approving Funding for Recreation Projects

Approvals will lead to more public swimming, boating and hiking

Annapolis (July 22, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked the Maryland Board of Public Works for approvals that will provide a trail connection in North County and open public swimming in South County.

"The Governor, Comptroller and Treasurer have approved items that will expand recreational activities for County residents," County Executive Leopold said. "This action will help us move forward with plans to enhance public water access, add more public swimming and connect two parks by trail."

The following actions were taken by the Board:

  • Approved $214,000 in Program Open Space funding the County will use to purchase the Cantler property adjacent to the existing Carr’s Wharf to enhance water access for kayaks and canoes.
  • Approved $280,000 in Program Open Space funding to purchase property as a trail connector for the Weinberg and Fort Smallwood park properties.
  • Approved a wetlands license to authorize a stabilization project at Mayo Beach, with the goal of re-opening the beach to public swimming and boardsailing next summer.

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