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County Executive Leopold Poised to Eliminate More Than 100 Positions to Save $5.7 Million Annually

Vacant positions have been frozen since October

Annapolis (March 26, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that he is poised to eliminate more than 100 vacant positions in his upcoming budget proposal to save almost $6 million each year.

"This Administration has taken steps to cut spending in anticipation of the downturned economy," County Executive Leopold said. "Now that our fiscal situation has worsened, we hope to avoid layoffs and dramatic cuts to service. Hopefully, these savings derived from hard choices early on will pay dividends."

Since the third hiring freeze began in October 2008, County Executive Leopold has kept funded positions on the books without replacing workers who have left County Government. Eliminating more than 100 of those vacant positions will save an estimated $5,667,475 each year.

The budget is presented to the County Council on May 1.


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