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County Executive Leopold Announces Successful Online Tax Sale Process

County recoups $2.5 million in unpaid taxes

Annapolis (June 26, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that a new process for bidding on properties with delinquent tax bills has increased participation and helped recoup $2.5 million in revenue.

"The online tax sale process makes it easier for small investors in the community to participate, and at the same time brings needed revenue in this difficult budget climate," County Executive Leopold said. "I am pleased that our first online tax sale was such a success."

The number of bidders increased by 55% over the 2008 sale and the successful bidders increased from 3 in 2008 to 32 in 2009. There were about 1,400 properties with taxes and fees due and 98% of the tax lien certificates were sold recovering approximately $2.5 million for the County. The sale took place from June 4 until June 12.

Interested parties can receive information on the remaining unsold properties by calling the County’s Tax Sale Office at (410) 222-1735.


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