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County Executive Leopold Thanks County Council for Unanimous Support of Tax Relief

Legislation will remove interest payment on tax deferral

Annapolis (July 21, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked the County Council for its co-sponsorship and unanimous support of legislation that gives senior citizens and people with disabilities the option of deferring their property tax bills with no interest.

"Our most vulnerable residents are our seniors and disabled residents on fixed incomes, and it is critical that we provide tax relief for them in any way possible," County Executive Leopold said. "Throughout my career I have successfully advocated for similar initiatives, whether it was saving the Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit program as a State Delegate, or increasing the County supplemental credit as County Executive."

The legislation, 55-09, also applies to people who are currently in the program and removes an obstacle that has kept many residents from participating. It eliminates a 6 percent interest requirement. County Executive will notify participants of the new tax break personally.

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