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County Executive Leopold Launches "Your Tax Dollars at Work" Web Page

Visitors can view budget goals, contracts and savings programs

Annapolis (March 24, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today launched "Your Tax Dollars at Work," a Web page that organizes information about government spending in one easy place.

"Transparency and openness in government is very important to building trust with constituents," County Executive Leopold said. "Those who are interested in finding out the details of how their money is spent can now find it in one place. The site is also an easy way to learn about what we are doing to save money and to track federal stimulus funding."

The webpage contains information about initiatives to cut spending, from renegotiating health care contracts and cutting take-home vehicles to modifying mail sorting procedures and reducing workplace injuries.

The page also includes a link for taxpayers to submit their own ideas as to how to reduce government spending, as well as a list of County contracts over $25,000 and budget documents that show County Executive Leopold’s budget goals and objectives.

>> Your Tax Dollars at Work


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