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County Executive Leopold Submits List of "Shovel Ready" Stimulus Projects to Governor O’Malley

List includes 23 projects totaling $68.5 million

Annapolis (February 20, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold has requested that Governor Martin O’Malley include 23 capital projects from Anne Arundel County in his priority list for federal stimulus funding.

"These projects will hopefully serve as a booster shot to save and create jobs, while also filling key infrastructure needs," County Executive Leopold said. "Our list includes critical intersection upgrades, replacement of bridges, construction of sewage treatment facilities and rehabilitation of streams that feed our rivers and Chesapeake Bay."

County Executive Leopold included the list with a letter to Governor O’Malley this week. In keeping with President Obama’s goals, the projects are "Shovel Ready" to jumpstart economic activity as soon as possible.

View stimulus letter sent to Governor O'Malley


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