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County Executive Leopold Signs Slots Zoning Bill

Legislation will permit site approved by State

Annapolis (December 22, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today signed Bill 82-09 permitting slot machines as called for in State law, and vetoed Bill 81-09.

"The Office of Law has advised me that passing these two contradictory bills is not good law because one bill expressly prohibits a use the other permits," County Executive Leopold said. "The voters of Maryland and Anne Arundel County approved slots as a revenue source last year, and the bill I am signing follows the instructions set forth in the Maryland Constitution.

In a statewide referendum voters approved slot machines to generate revenue for public education by a margin of 60 percent to 40 percent. This legislation will generate nearly $30 million annually for Anne Arundel County and about $450 million for the State of Maryland. Anne Arundel County currently faces a $93 million shortfall for the FY2011 budget.

"I made a commitment not to increase property or income taxes, and this important action helps me keep that commitment," County Executive Leopold said. "This legislation also will help maintain our AAA bond rating and strengthen the long-term fiscal health of the County."


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