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County Executive Leopold Submits Slots Legislation to County Council with Focus on Safeguards

Bill opens period for public comment

Annapolis (March 2, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold has submitted legislation to the County Council that would allow conditional use zoning for slots facilities at Laurel Park and Arundel Mills.

“While I remain personally opposed to expanding gambling, the people have spoken loudly and clearly on this issue,” County Executive Leopold said. “With this bill we will add the protections our surrounding communities need moving forward.  This is the beginning of a legislative process that will allow citizens to have a say in implementing this properly.”

“The legislation requires submission of a traffic management plan by the applicant,” County Executive Leopold added.  “Any proposal will have to comply with the Adequate Public Facilities law and the Water and Sewer Master Plan.  The legislation also contains requirements for setback, height and size limits.  It does not allow slots in zones other than the two for which applications have been received by the Maryland Lottery Commission.”  

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