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County Executive Leopold Revises Septic Grant Agreements to Promote Waterway Health

Goal is to decrease nitrogen from private systems

Annapolis (February 23, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he will make changes to Anne Arundel County’s Bay Restoration Fund grant agreements, eliminating a prohibition on home expansions when residents install nitrogen-reducing septic systems.

"One of this Administration’s greatest priorities is to do everything possible to clean up our creeks, rivers and streams that feed the Chesapeake Bay," County Executive Leopold said. "Those who employ this technology to make a difference for our waterways should not be penalized later, as long as they are following the law. The revised grant agreement strikes a fair balance between protecting our waterways by upgrading septic systems and at the same time allowing homeowners to build additions to their homes in accordance with the law."

County homeowners are eligible to receive grants through the Maryland Bay Restoration Fund, administered by the County Department of Health, to enhance or repair their septic systems and reduce nitrogen outflow. The current agreement, however, requires the grantee to reimburse grant funds if they decide to build an addition to their home after the septic upgrade or repair.

Under the revised agreement, the grantee will be allowed to build an addition as long as it complies with all state and local rules and regulations governing home additions and septic system upgrades without having to reimburse grant money.


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