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County Executive Leopold Credits Sarah’s House for Making Father’s Day Possible for Homeless Families

85 percent successfully move on to permanent housing

Annapolis (June 19, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today credited Sarah’s House for making it possible for homeless families to celebrate Father’s Day together.

"This County shelter is especially important during these difficult economic times, because families are working harder than ever to obtain housing," County Executive Leopold said. "With assistance from the County and our partners, Sarah’s House served 585 people last year."

Sarah’s House is a partnership between Anne Arundel County, the U.S. Army and Catholic Charities, Inc. that provides 66 emergency shelter beds and 22 transitional beds for families seeking to move from homelessness to permanent housing. Eighty-five percent successfully move on to permanent housing.

Sherman is a bright success story. He and his 8-year-old son Quinton came to Sarah’s house a year ago, after Sherman’s mother had died, he lost his job and he was evicted. Now, Sherman and Quinton are living in transitional housing. Sherman has a new job.

"We have seen our food stamp caseloads increase, so we know the need is out there for assistance," said Director of Social Services Marci Kennai. "Sarah’s House is instrumental to our agency in assisting the homeless, and is our only shelter for families in the County."

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