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County Executive Leopold Launches Recycling Video Contest to High School Students

Schools will receive equipment needed to shoot spots

Annapolis (January 22, 2008) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold’s 50/50 recycling challenge moves forward today with the announcement of the Rev Up Recycling video contest for high school students.

"When I began this initiative back in March, I made a promise to partner with schools and young people to make recycling more of a lifestyle change than a task," said County Executive Leopold. "We are counting on our creative students to help drive home the message through this contest."

Anne Arundel County high schools participating in the contest will receive a new video camera and video editing software to assist students interested in entering the competition. Contestants will be challenged to show why recycling is so important for Anne Arundel County. Funding for the equipment is provided through the County’s recycling processing contractor, WM Recycle America, Inc. The deadline for high schools to register is January 31, 2009. For more information contact the Recycling Division or visit

"High school students are invited to promote recycling, learn about video production and have fun along the way," the County Executive added. "Many of these students know what they want to show and say but may not necessary have the equipment to really develop their message visually."

The winning entries will be broadcast on local television and posted at, as well as DPW TV and YouTube.

Since March, when the County Executive implemented the 50/50 Recycling Challenge, curbside recycling has increased from 31 to 34 percent. For more information on the contest rules, call 410-222-7951 or visit


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