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County Executive Leopold and Glen Burnie Improvement Association Team Up to Recycle

County lends equipment for Big Glen Burnie Carnival

Annapolis (August 7, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today thanked organizers of the Big Glen Burnie Carnival for their efforts to recycle at the popular community event.

"When the carnival leaves town, it will also leave less trash for our landfill," County Executive Leopold said. "The Glen Burnie Improvement Association should be commended for taking that extra step to promote recycling in the community. If we can get our citizens to recycle in every aspect of their lives, I believe our curbside recycling rate will increase even more as the practice will become second nature."

Organizers of the event contacted the County Executive requesting help to make the event as environmentally friendly as possible. The County provided recycling stickers for trash cans and loaned the organizers 20 yellow recycling containers, giving patrons the ability to recycle while visiting the Carnival. Additionally, a large A-frame container was provided to store the recyclables, which will be picked up at the conclusion of the carnival this weekend.

"A big event like this means a lot of containers and cups will be thrown away, and we wanted to do our part to promote and participate in the County’s recycling program," said Barbara Moeller, president of the Glen Burnie Improvement Association.

County Executive Leopold has been successful in promoting recycling in the County. During his tenure, the residential recycling rate has increased from 31 to 35 percent.


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