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County Executive Leopold Forms Citizen Advisory Committee to Promote and Improve Recycling

20-member Committee includes residents from all geographic areas

Annapolis (September 21, 2009) -County Executive John R. Leopold announced today the creation of a new Recycling Advisory Committee established to review policies and promote the goal of increasing participation in the County’s recycling program.

"These citizens will be tasked with the job of helping my Administration reach our goal of a 50 percent curbside recycling rate," said County Executive Leopold. "They are willing to give their time and talents in an effort to improve our overall quality of life. I thank the members for their commitment. Citizens have already made helpful suggestions resulting in new policies, such as adding service in alleyways in Brooklyn Park to make recycling more convenient."

The 20-member panel of citizens from all areas of the County will be tasked with supporting the 50/50 Challenge and enhancing the ongoing Recycle More Often campaign to increase the County’s curbside recycling rate. The Chairman is Joanna Tobin of Annapolis. The Vice Chairman is Jerry Pesterfield of Millersville.

Since March of 2008, when County Executive Leopold implemented the 50/50 Recycling Challenge, curbside recycling has increased from 31 to 35 percent. The rate was stagnant for the previous decade. County Executive Leopold also invested in aggressive marketing and additional staff to boost the recycling rate, and got public school students involved in a contest to create commercials encouraging recycling.

To further engage the community, County Executive Leopold will go door-to-door this Saturday in Harundale handing out recycling bins, starting at Harundale Plaza in Glen Burnie at 10:30 a.m.

Recycling Advisory Committee Members

Jerry Pesterfield, Millersville
C. Anne Chafee, Millersville
Colin Rand, Annapolis
Patricia Roop, Arnold
Maria Broadbent, Annapolis
Susan Venter, Crownsville
Nancy O’Donnel, Edgewater
Becky Fredericks, Lothian
Linda Flannery-Lieberman, Odenton
Gary O’Neil, Brooklyn Park
Lauren Symmes, Pasadena
Susan Gustafson, Severna Park
Gary Holtzman, Severna Park
Richards Steinbock, Annapolis
Anne-Marie Dammeyer, Annapolis
Joanna Bache Tobin, Annapolis
Kate Fritz, Annapolis
Amy Miller, Edgewater
Celeste Riddle, Linthicum
Deb Frank, Brooklyn Park


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