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County Executive Leopold Reports Record Summer Attendance at Regional Parks

Families flock to affordable activities

Annapolis (September 4, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today reported that Anne Arundel County regional parks experienced their busiest summer season ever, with parks shattering attendance records.

"Having exceptional parks is a source of pride for Anne Arundel County because they contribute so much to our quality of life. Our parks provide an affordable option for residents to enjoy a healthy outdoor experience," County Executive Leopold said. "In these fiscally challenging times, I remain committed to enhancing our park system."

This July, Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis saw the highest attendance on record with 84,630 visitors. This exceeds the highest previous July attendance by 4,233. Total attendance at the County’s four regional parks in July 2009 was 174,467 visitors.

Several regional park enhancements by the Leopold Administration include: rebuilding Quiet Waters Park Ice Rink, opening a new fishing pier at Fort Smallwood Park, providing free admission for military personnel and their families and establishing cartop boat launch sites throughout the County.


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