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County Executive Leopold Announces Plan to Build 9/11 Memorial using World Trade Center Steel

Image: 9-11 Memorial Announcement
From left to right, Fire Chief Robert Ray, County Executive John R. Leopold and
Deputy Police Chief David Pressley announce plans to build a 9-11 memorial
in Anne Arundel County using World Trade Center steel.

Project will also honor fallen County Police and Firefighters

Annapolis (September 11, 2009) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that he has requested two steel beams from the World Trade Center in order to create a memorial for County Police and Firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty, as well as the brave men and women who perished on September 11, 2001.

"The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is releasing materials from the World Trade Center to jurisdictions that would like to use the artifacts to create memorials honoring our first responders who perished in the attacks on our country," County Executive Leopold said. "This is a unique opportunity to use real pieces of history to proclaim to future generations that ‘We will not forget.’"

Yesterday County Executive Leopold requested two 30-foot steel beams from the Port Authority. Officials there indicated that they will work with the County to accommodate the request. An internal committee has been formed to oversee the project made up of representatives from the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works and the Arts Council. The general concept is to place the beams in front of Fire and Police Headquarters in Millersville, with the beams arranged in a way to resemble the Twin Towers.

"It is an honor to be able to create a memorial like this, with the one location in Maryland that will have actual materials from the World Trade Center," County Executive Leopold said. "We are committed to constructing a visible reminder of this tragedy that helped unite our country for freedom and democracy."


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